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  • OPTION 1Multiple images surrounding
    a central main image
  • OPTION 2One image relating to a single story or event

PRIVATE COMMISSIONS? ...of course I do private commissions [see form below]

Your questions will be...

How much is a Private Commission? What sizes ?
What do you need from me ?
When will my Private Commission be done by ?

What you'll get...
The more individual and personal the better! For example:
Where was he/she born ? What School ? First job ?
Family details ? Interests ? Sports ?... etc, etc, etc !
A couple of photos will do, just to get a rough idea of likeness - I'm not doing a 'Royal Portrait' !

£350 full commission - with comprehensive detail as desired by client either timeline multi image or full single picture with detailed back ground. 10 - 15 reference ideas with 20 absolute max. 28cm X 38cm (11" X 15") + £10.00 Special Delivery

£675 : full detail as per £350 commission but larger dimension 38cm X 55cm (15" x 22") + £20.00 for courier. 20 - 30 reference ideas with 35 absolute max

£1500 : Full detail - 75cm x 56cm (22" x 30") + £20.00 Courier. 30 - 40 reference ideas with 45 absolute max

That being said a perfectly good image can be created with half a dozen images or less - it doesn't have to be overly crowded.

The lower numbers though are preferred so as to allow room for colour and additional background.

If more is required then please contact Tim directly and an appropriate quote can be discussed

If you have specific requirements or simply wish to ask Tim a question based on commissioned work please either email him directly on or fill in the contact form below - many thanks.

COMMERCIAL COMMISSIONS? ...of course I do commercial commissions : prices start at £350

Mont Tauch Visitor Center
Commercial Commission: 15 Meter long illustration at the Mont Tauch Visitor Centre, Fitou, France

Ray Mears Goes Walkabout
Commercial Commission: My first foray as a cartographer thanks to Ned Hoste, Ray's book designer.

Taylor's Port
Commercial Commission: Wonderful job! Lovely people!
EVERYTHING you need to know about Port and more on

Capital Group
From a bakery to a winery with the finest restaurants and hotels in between. A slice of real luxury, FABULOUS!

TK Maxx
Like I need to tell you anything about TK Maxx!

Contact me if you would like to commission a piece of artwork

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